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Headshots with a Heart


Many clients approach Tina Lucarelli of T-Love Media & Photography with requests to capture their personalities in a professional headshot. As an experienced Headshot Photographer and Acting Coach, this professional understands how much people have going on in their lives, and inside their hearts, which is why she aims to make Headshots as easy as possible. Tina goes the extra mile to get your energy up and your eyes emoting. She truly connects with her clients on a personal level to bring out their true essence and amazing unique qualities.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of your questions or special requests. We are happy to assist.



Includes: 3 wardrobe changes
Hair & Makeup Add'l $300

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I am an award-winning writer and photographer. People say that I have a special God-given gift when it comes to photography. It could be because I truly care about my clients and I won't settle for an average photograph. Your eyes have to tell a story and I will get your story told.  A photo session with me will be fun, exhilarating and compassionate.  You will have one fantastic experience and great photos to cherish.

Tina Lucarelli of T-Love Media & Photography always ensures the use of the best equipment in the industry, and holds consultations with clients to better understand their vision and preferences. If you’d like to learn more about Tina Lucarelli of T-Love Media & Photography and work with her, don’t hesitate to get in touch.




Tina is a joy to work with. She is very good at shooting headshots and portraits. I am always pleased!
I can definitely recommend Tina!

Patricia Lynn Belkowitz


Tina will chase good light, make you run around to boost up your energy—anything to get a good shot. And, she does a beautiful and NATURAL job editing photos. I recommend!! 👍🏼👍🏼

Elizabeth Simpson


Tina is a professional photographer. All of my photos were so amazing and she went the extra mile. It was such a great experience and my agent loves all of them.

David Stanford


Not only is Tina Lucarelli a great photographer, but she is also one of my favorite people. Highly recommend Ms. T-Love!

David Sobel

_DSC8845a copy.jpg

Tina T-Love Lucarelli is a great photographer, that goes without saying. But what makes her stand apart as a headshot photographer is her ability to connect with her subject and keep the energy flowing and create the various moods required to get a range of "looks". And, not only that, she instinctively (from experience) knows what her subject should wear or not wear in order to achieve the best result!

Tom Waters

Alosin Hana-49_pp.jpg

Working with Tina was so great! She knows how to make you feel comfortable in front of a camera, so sweet and fun. Would definitely recommend.

Allison Hanna


I was very glad that I hired Tina to do my bio and promo photos. She is great as a person and as a photographer. She helps you be comfortable in front of the camera and jokes to make you laugh so that the smiles she captures are genuine. Hire her. You will be glad you did.

Elena Roche


I hired Tina cause she came highly recommended by many people! She took product pictures of my line, Héilo Skin Care and what shocked me is how she gave my products personality and made them come live ! I now have her on my staff and have referred her to many branding companies ! Efficient, takes direction well, makes you feel reassured and thinks outside the box! A must hire! Contact me if you need to ask anything ! Highly recommend her!

Paige Andre


I am thrilled with these photos! I’ve never had better ones taken of me. Tina Lucarelli is professional and talented. I would recommend this to everyone!

Lavinia Baker


Tina did my real estate headshot but besides that also managed to get a wonderful photo with my THREE dogs (Siberian husky, Pomeranian, and French bulldog... not easy animals) looking perfect! She is truly amazing at what she does and I am in love with her work!

Fabiola Lopez


Tina Tina T-Love Lucarelli is fantastic. She is very professional, full of energy and really put me at ease during our photo shoot. I tend to shy away from having my picture taken but with Tina's help the photos turned out way better than I could have anticipated. I highly recommend her.

Tonya McArthur


Fantastic head shots. Tina you are really a true professional and know how to capture you subjects. Great fun too...

Simone Desiderio


Los Angeles, CA

(310) 738-8089

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